Welcome to the CrabMan Chronicles!

Hello and thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Joseph Serra a.k.a. CrabMan, (or GNOME). Below are samples of some various projects and level design work. Feel free to comment.




It's up and running. Enjoy!

Here's the link:



Demo Reel Loading...

This is a low quality render demo reel (version 1.0). I composed the audio track from my royalty free sound libraries.

Apparently...this video plays best with the fastest Internet service. If you don't have the blazin' fast, the in game action scenes will stop and start. The picture slides seem to be all right. Yes, they are fast, and they speed up too, (its a direction for now).

Thank you for your time and patience.

A Zombie Rabbit?

Biped Animations

The most recent large scale project...

This is an Unreal 2004 multiplayer level created by yours truly and mentored by Justin Pappas (2K Boston) and Jim Poole (IADT Capstone Instructor).

Demo reel(s) for this project are on the link below.


Playable game files available upon request joe_serra1@yahoo.com

Thank you.

Personal Project: "dm_Base20"

3D Multiplayer First Person Shooter "Deathmatch"

Created in Hammer World Editor (Source SDK, Valve)

Textures, weapons, and static mesh packages belong to Half Life 2

The design, geometry, and layout are my concepts

(Supportive visual diagrams are being developed for the isometric wireframe views)

Note: Click on the pics below to increase their size


Team Project: "Time Blunders"

2D Platform Shooter

Created in Flash CS4

A 20 week team project where I was the level designer and audio director.

- The screenshot of the game, (last pic) was for early mechanic testing purposes only! It is not the complete/finished product!


Team Project: "The Name of the Game"

3D Single player First Person Shooter

Created in UnrealEd using Unreal 2004 (Epic Games)

Some of the textures belong to "SIMS Mastering Unreal Technology"

Other textures and static meshes created by Tom Stankevich & Justin Mac Auley
visit http://teamawesomegame.blogspot.com/

The level design, subtraction, brushwork, and layout are my concepts.

This project is still in development.


Personal Project: "bugs" matte painting

Created in Photoshop CS3

I like to call this a "glorified-thumbnail." Thumbnail sketches just get put aside after the direction is captured. So, I took my original lines from the sketch...and painted it to life!

This is a concept for a project that basically got me to enroll in school.